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I only wish they were around for my previous pregnancies. During the day I have noticed that the pain is more bearable then it has been although they have not completely fixed the problem. I swear by SRC recovery shorts and they helped me with my confidence post c-section. After my initial call with the rep to get my perfect size the shorts were in my hot litte hands after a day. The only things that i could suggest for an improvement is that the bright green logo at the bottom of the shorts be moved, perhaps to the hip area.

Shop for maternity spandex shorts online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard.
pregnancy compression shorts?: Has anyone had any experience with compression pregnancy shorts for relief of pelvic pain/SPD etc? My physio has me wearing tubigrip at the moment (which also helps with muscle separation and umbi hernia) but I am considering investing in some pregnancy shorts for more comfortable relief of pelvic pain during summer.
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Find maternity belly support including maternity support belts, shapers and belly bands - all perfect for your changing body! Motherhood Maternity.
Shop for maternity spandex shorts online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard.

Find maternity belly support including maternity support belts, shapers and belly bands - all perfect for your changing body! Motherhood Maternity.

I was able to excercise more confidently and I suffered less muscle aches the next day. One benefit not mentioned on the literature is one I discovered accidently- I had a persistent cough when I recieved my leggings and was starting to experience the wonders of "stress incontinence" from having a baby sitting on my bladder and coughing violently To my delight I found this went away when I had the support of the leggings!

As I write this review I am 23 weeks pregnant and I am pretty confident that wearing the SRC pregnancy leggings will help me when I start to get sciatica, pelvic pain and hip pain which has plagued me for my last two pregnancies in the late stages.

I understand many women suffer from much worse symptoms than I do and I would think that some of these shorts or leggings would really help with staying more mobile in later pregnancy.

I started wearing these shorts at 21 weeks. They are very supportive and hold baby bump up comfortably. After 7 hours, I felt as though they were too tight. I also felt as though there wasn't adequate "breathing room" "down there"! I like to wear cotton underwear to reduce sweating and in my experience while wearing these shorts, down there in the pubic area, wasn't getting as much air as I like. I had to move house at I would recommend these shorts to someone who has been experiencing pain in legs, lower back, hips area or has sewelling in legs, as they were great at helping these conditions.

I received the SRC recovery shorts and have been wearing them for over a week now. I have noticed a marked improvement in my back pain and pelvic pressure. This pregnancy I have had awful pain near my coccyx bone and I have noticed after wearing the shorts that the pain has been less severe and I even have some days now which are pain free. I have also noticed less pelvic pressure. Furthermore, the shorts are comfy and warm and fit easily under clothes. They are higher up your back and sit nicely under your bump.

I was lucky enough to have been given these shorts to review and i will definitely be buying more when I reach my 36 week mark. I can do housework I am 23 weeks along with my 3rd bub and have had back pain with both children prior my legs feel as though they have more circulation, no more pins and needles!

I sleep alot better wearing them also. The little things i couldn't do before such as sitting on the floor for prolonged periods playing with my kids as i'd get up and wouldn't even be able to sit on a chair with my legs folded.

I can do all these things. I have found them to be wonderful with my low impact exercise also! I could rave about them all day, and am just disappointed that i didn't know about these 2 children ago! Since about 16 weeks I have suffered lower back pain in my sacroiliac SI joint. I received the pregnancy shorts at about 30 weeks. The shorts were of very high quality in terms of the material, and the customer service I received in terms of ensuring the shorts were the right size was fantastic.

I wore the shorts almost every day. I could not wear them with some outfits i. I did not find them too hot or restrictive, but it has been cold in Melbourne. I am not sure if they would be too hot elsewhere.

Overall, the frequency of the pain did reduce when I wore the shorts. However, on the days when it was really painful, the shorts were not enough and I needed to wear a support belt too — often I would wear the both together. I would give them 3 out of 5 in total. I would recommend them to anyone to give them a try though, as they did reduce the frequency, if not the severity. I would probably give the recovery shorts a go too. I have been wearing the shorts daily since i received them as i am a full time stay at home mum.

Whilst wearing the shorts, i have noticed that my lower back pain has almost completely disappeared, with the help of the lower back support at the top of the pants. The control panels around my pelvic area are fantastic and has greatly reduced the pelvic pain. I had been finding it very painful walking around, however, with the shorts on, i have been able to go out walking to get some excercise for 40 minutes without any problem.

With my previous pregnancy, i suffered badly from sciatica from very early on, and so far i have not experience a single twinge of pain from my sciatic nerve. I can certainly notice a huge difference when i was unable to wear the shorts whilst they were in the wash, to putting them straight back on again. The pants are very comfortable to wear and i have been able to wear them underneath most of my maternity pants and even long dresses, so that i am still able to receive the support that they offer whilst going out.

They have also been very comfortable to wear to bed. The adjustable waist makes them easy to adjust as my hips and bottom have gotten slightly bigger during pregnancy. When washing the pants, i have just thrown them in a lingerie bag and into the washing machine and they have held their shape perfectly and dry really quickly to enable you to put them back on again sooner.

The only things that i could suggest for an improvement is that the bright green logo at the bottom of the shorts be moved, perhaps to the hip area.

Overall, i honestly loved these shorts and found them to be fantastic in terms of support, comfort and easing the pregnancy pains. I have felt a dramatic improvement in my back and pelvic pain. I think they are definitely worth the money that they retail for, and wish that i could have used them in my first pregnancy! I generally wear them on a night time as that's when I am finding I am at my most uncomfortable. I have been getting pelvic, lower back and sciatic pain and these shorts are unbelievable at reducing and even getting rid of all these pains.

Having a comfortable nights sleep is also helping me cope through the day, I am not working so its hard for me to say whether they would be helping me being sat down all day, but if they are working so well through the night I can imagine that they would work very well through the day.

I am so pleased with this product that if I hadn't been on the reviewer panel and lucky enough to be chosen I would definitely have bought them myself, they are a true saving grace. Thank you SRC and Bubhub. These leggings are a god send! I only wish they were around for my previous pregnancies.

I received the leggings and have found such relief in my pain from a current medical condition: They have greatly reduced swelling in my vulval varicosites that also spread down to my knees. Super comfy to wear you really do not feel them on underneath regular clothing! Their customer service is fantastic also, checking in via phone call to make sure sizing it correct and to see how I have been going: After speaking to a wonderfully helpful lady and realising under her instruction I was measuring wrong and would have received the wrong size, delivery was exceptionally fast and the sizing was perfect.

I was concerned being inbetween sizes but she knew which I needed and they feel like they're not even there. There was even a follow up call that was a welcome surprise.

After putting the shorts on I thought they were very comfortable sitting just above the knee, and having an adjustable waist band was the icing on the shorts. After the first day I was already noticing a difference. The strong twinges and shooting pain from my sciatica, hips and lower back had reduced dramatically, and the feeling of my pelvis pulling apart after I overstreatched during my previous pregnancy was minimised.

By the end of the first week I found I was standing up straight and no longer afraid to take each step. I was smiling again. By the end of the second week I was gardening with my son and enjoying him.

I wasn't afraid to kick the ball with him which made him happier too. They felt very light and cool. These shorts are well worth the cost and I will be honoured to anyone in need of that extra support or anyone in signifficant pain in the specified regions.

I'm now 35 weeks and I wish I had bought these back at the week mark and not listened to my Chiro! They took a little while to adjust and work out when to wear them to get them to work at their optumim. I started just wearing them at night and found they made a difference and I slept better until I got to hot and ripped them off I tried them during the day at home and it was suggested I try them day and night- I did this for about 3 days and though they dont help my nerve problems they definitely make a huge difference to my pelvic, hip and lower back pain.

I've now worked out that if I wear them just during the day they are most benificial for me, though some days if I have been sitting a lot the make my tummy uncomfortable because of my bump size and also depending on what I'm wearing over it.

They wash and dry very well even in the cooler weather and are very comfy to wear- I dont like wearing under bump bottoms and I don't realise I'm wearing them most the time. Over all I can honestly say that these shorts have made a huge difference - I haven't needed to see the chiro since staring wear them and I am sleeping much better in between toilet runs.

I had 'heard' of the pregnancy shorts, but never bought them as I thought they were a little pricey and being sensibly sceptical I was thrilled to be given a chance to wear them and see for myself if they were worth their price tag. Well I can happily and honestly say that these shorts are worth their weight in gold and more!

When I first put them on to try, I was about to embark on a 8 hour plus road trip. At 32 weeks pregnant and suffering with sciatica, shocking lower back pain and pubis symphysis dysfunction to name a few ;- I was not looking forward to sitting sedentary in the car.

Well I needn't had worried once I started wearing the shorts. Contrary to when I started the road trip a week before and could barely get out of the car, these shorts stabilised my pelvis, eased my lower back pain to where I barely had any and no more sciatica! The best bit was that I didn't have to wait, a mere 3 hours after first wearing them I could feel the difference.

Wearing them constantly except every third day when I wash them and also in bed, I have been able to go about my normal activities without the debilitating pain I had before wearing the shorts.

A big plus to these shorts is that you can wear them under your clothes and you don't even feel like you're wearing them as they are incredibly comfortable, breathe and are not in any way bulky like you would envisage this type of garment to be and unlike the pregnancy support belt my physio gave me, I can wear these shorts to bed, still be comfortable with them on, sleep and roll over in bed painlessly and with ease which has been fantastic!

The difference to my pregnancy that these shorts have made is second to none, the pain relief, mobility and ease that I now have makes me wish that I had them in my first 3 pregnancies. I would highly recommend these to any expectant mothers who want to reduce their pain and have increased support. A big thumbs up from me! I feel that the shorts have helped somewhat not completely with the pelvic instability I've been experiencing since roughly week 16, however I still have regular trips to my chiropractor - fortnightly instead of weekly.

I would NOT recommend these to anyone who is pregnant during summer or feeling the heat as I found I was sweating gallons in these shorts on a warm April day.

This may just be me, but the multiple layers of fabric and the length of the shorts I thought contributed to this. In all honesty, I would recommend these to friends who were experiencing significant pain with pelvic instability like I was, but I'm not certain they've helped me as much as I had hoped. The shorts themselves are very well made and the customer service I received as part of the Bubhub Reviewer Panel was outstanding. Heading into my 25th week of pregnancy I was already starting to experience symptoms of vulval variscosities and pelvic pain when walking.

I had experienced these symptoms in my first pregnancy and knew that as my pregnancy progressed, I would only get worse, probably getting to a point where even getting out of bed would be incredibly painful and on occasion, impossible.

When I received the SRC pregnancy shorts I was 30 weeks pregnant and my symptoms had worsened making walking very uncomfortable and rolling over in bed quite painful. The shorts are comfortable to wear I barely know they're even on and they sit under my bump. After about 5 hours of wearing them I began to feel relief and support in the pelvic area. I noticed the biggest difference wearing them at night. Rolling over in bed is so much easier and getting up in the morning is far less painful than without them.

I wear them for 2 days then wash and can definitely feel the difference when they are not being worn. Thankfully they dry incredibly fast so it's not long before I've got them back on again.

The only negative points is the price and that I have to hitch them up sometimes, especially if I'm wearing tights over the top a small inconvenience given the relief they offer. I absolutely recommend these shorts as overall, they have provided me with relief and support and compared to my last pregnancy, I feel so much more comfortable and in far less pain.

Working in retail I spend anywhere between hours constantly on my feet walking around and standing on hard floors. I've constantly got a sore lower back from bending over and repetitive lifting. The first day I wore these shorts I noticed an immediate improvement, no pain when I got home. The longer I wore them, the less pain I experienced. The shorts are so comfortable you hardly even notice them and the SRC support team are so helpful and friendly!

I had been getting fairly bad sacro-iliac pain and gluteal pain since approximately week 16, which was noticeably much worse at work.

I work as a physiotherapist and am constantly leaning forward all through the work day, putting strain through my lower back and hips. The compressive nature of the shorts was particularly helpful in alleviating some of the strain around my hips and pelvis. The pain did not go away immediately, but was of a lesser intensity than it previously had been. Continued use of the shorts, particularly at work, highlighted their benefit - as I found the intensity and frequency of the pain to be well reduced.

I have also used these shorts at night, when sleeping as been a problem due to hip pain. I have found that for me, the shorts on their own did not make me completely pain free, but combined with regular pre-natal Pilates twice a week , daily stretching and occasional physiotherapy treatment, are a fantastic aid to help a pain problem that is likely to only get worse throughout pregnancy.

Comfort-wise, the shorts feel like a second skin. I often forget I am wearing them. The waistband is adjustable, and sits below the bump. They feel firm on the skin, but do not add bulk to your outfit. Under jeans or pants, however, they are fantastic. I am very happy with this product and am looking forward to continuing to use them throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

I have had my shorts for approximately 10 days now and must admit I was sceptical when I first opened the box. I have a previous injury in which I damaged my Left Sacroiliac Joint through previous overuse and heavy workload for many years then sudden injury where I had 7 weeks off work and I have issues on and off with this now when I overdo it.

I knew that I was going to have issues with my sacroiliac when I became pregnant and decided I needed to take all measures possible to minimise this which is why I chose SPC Pregnancy Shorts to try. I wear them during the day and find them extremely comfortable, easy to move in and I can fit all other clothing right over the top, or just wear them on their own which is even better. The Lower back pain was minimised within a few hours and after using them for 2 days straight I had basically no pain.

I had one day where I didn't wear them after 7 days of wearing them and was in agony and having to lie down to minimise the pain. I understand that you can wear them at night as well but I feel uncomfortable with any type of clothing on during the night so do not use them, but have read that they are amazing in bed as well: I bought these for after my first pregnancy and loved them.

I started wearing them on day two post birth and loved the support they gave. I adored the fact that they sucked in my post-baby belly and made me look slim, but more practically the back and perineum support was great.

I had no back or other issues during my pregnancy, so was surprised to find how weak my back was post pregnancy and loved these shorts as a result. I never really understood or believed the concept of perineal support till i wore them post-birth, and yep, they definitely provide it!

The downside is the price, but the resale value on ebay etc is excellent. I always had winter pregnancies, and would worry about how hot they would be in summer. They also are great to hide your belly when you lift your top up for breast feeding and if you have low slung jeans you aren't flashing your tummy at everyone in these. Reviewed by RobinSparkles 9 September Reviewed by sjhod 26 December I was fitted for these following severe pelvic pain however they bunch up under my bump and need to be pulled up every few steps.

A private health gimmick in my view. Also totally impractical in summer and an awkward length that can't be worn under dresses without being visible.

Great for knee pain, but fall down at butt ". Reviewed by RachMc 17 April Reviewed by jess03 30 September Reviewed by Sally Wood 10 September Reviewed by misstrouble 10 September Reviewed by shani2 9 September I was thrilled to try this product as I had heard great things about them.

Reviewed by elvenstephen 8 August Reviewed by Mel Smith 3 May Reviewed by MumsLounge 19 December Reviewed by decemberbubba 4 June Reviewed by Uroos 29 December No back pain very supportive helps stay in shape too mobility higly improved def buying recovery shorts. Reviewed by mousky 26 October I do notice a difference in my back pain when I wear them, especially at work on my feet which is honestly not that often for the following reasons: Reviewed by Rachel 14 May Before I ordered these shorts I had pain in my lower back and hips resulting from a combination of a bad chair at work and basic weakness.

After being told by my Physio that he didn't think he could eliminate this, I looked to these shorts. I found the shorts fitted well. They do feel like a second skin and look good. They came down to just above my knee which did restrict my wardrobe a little, however when comfort is the goal, this didn't stop me. My personal preference is for pants to finish above my bump and I was therefore conscious of the pressure of the band even though it wasn't significant.

It did result in me slowly fazing them out of my day wardrobe. However i tried wearing them at night and have found it to be more comfortable for me. My discomfort has reduced and I am thankful to my Physio and the shorts for this.

Reviewed by bebehvala 14 May Reviewed by nicoletta 12 May Given how much they helped to ease the pain, this isn't a big issue. Reviewed by Arusaamatus 12 May Reviewed by Jenga 11 May Overall they are a good product that eased the pain I was experiencing. Reviewed by Mamma Duck 11 May Reviewed by lolz83 11 May Reviewed by MrsPee 11 May Overall - I did feel a little improvement but not enough to make a huge difference for me..

Reviewed by emmaandaiden 10 May They can be a bit uncomfortable under clothes, especially pants and jeans They can get a little hot and sweaty in the warmer weather. Reviewed by michliz 10 May Reviewed by AvasMumma 10 May Reviewed by Kimnus 10 May Boy was I wrong Without these shorts I really don't know what I would be doing. Reviewed by andi84 9 May Thanks SRC and bubhub ;. Reviewed by Thrifty Mama 9 May Reviewed by angenrod 9 May Reviewed by MummyLip 8 May I strongly recommend them.

Reviewed by traggle55 8 May They are comfortable and fit under all my clothes, including pants. Reviewed by kw 8 May Reviewed by Kadence 8 May Reviewed by Womble 8 May I have had these shorts for a few weeks now and they are superb. Reviewed by Hokey Pokey 8 May Reviewed by natct 8 May I must admit I was a sceptic.

How wrong I was. I miss them when they need washing. Reviewed by bellaamore 7 May The difference that these shorts made was literally night and day. The size description was accurate. The material was comfortable and durable - perfect to wear under existing clothes without being hot for the entire day, and already withstanding several washes. The compression was comfortably firm without feeling like it was going to cut off circulation, and the support it offered throughout my entire pelvic region was indescribable.

I can't even express in words how much these shorts have helped with pain management in such a short amount of time. I honestly think that was the first time in about 2 months that I could move uninhibited, and that freedom meant so much.

If anybody else suffers from similar medical conditions, I think that the SRC Pregnancy product line is an essential and worthwhile investment. Thank you so much! Nath had to put these on me the first day, stretching the top. Once on - I could walk again! Number one, hands down, the best product I packed I swear by SRC recovery shorts and they helped me with my confidence post c-section.

I wore them 24hrs a day, sleeping in them right up to my delivery. They reduced pain immensely in my hips and groin and supported me when I developed back pain for short periods during growth spurts. The lightweight breathable fabric provided superior comfort and allowed me to wear them under my uniform at work and under day to day clothes.

Personal experience together with the fact that SRC Pregnancy Leggings and Shorts have been designed in consultation with an obstetrician is why I highly recommend for them for women who are experiencing pregnancy related lower back pain, pelvic Instability, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis pain, varicose veins and vulval varicosities, fluid retention, symptoms of incontinence, and to women wanting to continue working and or exercising during their pregnancy.

If I had my way it would be standard practice for ALL women to be fitted for recovery shorts. The SRC products are a no brainer, every little bit counts in the early post-partum period so it is easy to recommend a specialised supportive garment that helps reduce low back and pelvic pain and assists in the recovery and knitting back together of the abdominal region! All my patients have reported positive results after making use of both the pregnancy and recovery shorts, commenting on their comfortable fit and ability to exercise freely in the garments while also being able to hide them discreetly under everyday clothing.

Despite my fitness efforts at 32 weeks I suffered from significant pelvic instability and found it very difficult to even take a few steps. I tried tape, an SIJ compression belt, exercises, rest but nothing was helping. When I put them on they felt so comfortable, I wasn't sure that they would help but, within a few hours I was feeling much more secure and could walk with much less pain. Combining the shorts with my rehab helped the most and I was very grateful that!

I would highly recommend the shorts to anyone with pelvic issues in pregnancy. Based on this positive feedback I can thoroughly recommend SRC pregnancy and recovery garments. The most painful one was in the middle of the front of my thigh with the most unsightly being behind my knee. The support offered by SRC Recovery Shorts significantly assisted in reducing the size and discomfort of all of these varicose veins. The comfortable firm design of the shorts not only assisted in reducing the gap between my stomach muscles but offered support to my back, waist and pelvic area.

Subsequently this increased confidence in my core strength, general mobility and brought about more awareness to my posture. I love my exercise which includes running, weights, riding and swimming.

Over the years I have found that running and riding in particular gave me a lot of lower back pain and tightness.

The support offered by SRC Recovery Shorts significantly assisted in reducing the size and discomfort of all of these varicose veins. The comfortable firm design of the shorts not only assisted in reducing the gap between my stomach muscles but offered support to my back, waist and pelvic area. pregnancy compression shorts?: Has anyone had any experience with compression pregnancy shorts for relief of pelvic pain/SPD etc? My physio has me wearing tubigrip at the moment (which also helps with muscle separation and umbi hernia) but I am considering investing in some pregnancy shorts for more comfortable relief of pelvic pain during summer. Cyuuro Women's Maternity Shapewear Belly Support Short Leggings, Set of 2 Colors. by Cyuuro. $ - $ $ 12 $ 29 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 stars 8.