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It would definitely work - I think it would drape very well in a thinner yarn. Black check tape side joggers. Worsted weight works brilliantly! Bess Truman and Mamie Eisenhower sported what was then called 'the new look" of the post-war era and frequently wore shoulderless and sleeveless evening gowns - and received no criticism or even snide remarks, despite being in their late 50's and early 60's.

This is the free patterns page! On this page you will find all the free crochet patterns and pattern round ups available on Oombawka Design Crochet. I have organized the free patterns into different categories. Hopefully this will help you find what you need! FREE PATTERNS In this section you will find more than of my free crochet patterns.
This is the free patterns page! On this page you will find all the free crochet patterns and pattern round ups available on Oombawka Design Crochet. I have organized the free patterns into different categories. Hopefully this will help you find what you need! FREE PATTERNS In this section you will find more than of my free crochet patterns.
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She is wearing a sleeveless red dress in her White House portrait - which you can find online at the White House. Bess Truman and Mamie Eisenhower sported what was then called 'the new look" of the post-war era and frequently wore shoulderless and sleeveless evening gowns - and received no criticism or even snide remarks, despite being in their late 50's and early 60's. Mamie Eisenhower also sported sleeveless dresses at the end of her tenure, in the late 50's and early Sixties, reflecting the newer style for women's clothes - and, of course, her successor Jackie Kennedy helped to widely popularize this style.

Jackie Kennedy also wore numerous evening gowns in bright and pastel colors that were sleeveless and shoulderless. In recent years, Nancy Reagan often wore sleeveless and shoulderless evening gowns to state dinners, but during the daytime dressed more formally and covered.

My area of expertise on First Ladies is focused largely on their political impact, speeches, media relations, policy interests and symbolism. I only have the most limited scholarship on what they wore. However, there are some individual presidential spouses I have conducted indepth research on of whom I've written full-length biographies and there is some information I do know.

Probably the best possible source on Jacqueline Kennedy will be the catalogues of her personal items that were sold at the famous Sotheby's auction in Perhaps the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston has a copy: In doing some general research, I also find items that are now in the museum collections of various presidential libraries and museums: Julia Tyler, widowed for nearly three decades, wore a painted miniature of her husband, clasped at her throat. As First Lady, she also wore a pearl and diamond string of some kind as a "diadem", apparently a type of headband.

You can actually see her wearing it in her official White House portrait. Sarah Polk, widowed for nearly a half a century, always wore an ivory carved cameo of her husband. Mary Lincoln seemed especially fond of a black onyx set of earrings, bracelet, ring, necklace, and pin it seems to be set with diamonds as well which she was actually photographed wearing for pictures she gave permission to be released to the public.

Julia Grant most especially loved very green emeralds, very blue sapphires and very red rubies - I believe this is from a contemporary newspaper account of the Victorian era, but like so much written by others as opposed to documentary evidence from photographs it may not be true.

Ida Saxton McKinley was known to be a jewelry collector, most especially diamonds. Her father and grandfather had begun the habit of giving her diamond rings, bracelets, and it was the foundation for an extensive collection she built over her lifetime. She also seemed to collect jewels that had not been cut or set in metal and kept them in a simple bag that she enjoyed giving to visiting children - to play with!

Nellie Taft also enjoyed diamonds and wore thick neck collars and matching thick wide bracelets - almost looking like they were shiny clothing cuffs. She was most famous, however, for her diamond tiara, which she was photographed wearing in the White House.

Florence Harding always wore a thick black velvet neckband to cover her wrinkles and the Christmas following her husband's election, he gave her a large diamond sunburst - as it turns out, unknown to her it had been chosen for him by her best friend, the heiress Evalyn McLean who owned the Hope Diamond. Harding in her white diamond sunburst at her neck, and Mrs.

McLean with her legendary blue diamond at her neck often appeared together wearing these famous objects. The wedding ring which incumbent widowed President Woodrow Wilson gave to his second wife Edith Bolling was fashioned from a gold nugget given to them by western state citizens. Eleanor Roosevelt owned a blue aquamarine ring given her by the government of Brazil which she turned over to the federal government since it was a state gift.

Mamie Eisenhower was famous for often wearing beautiful costume jewelry, and even pieces from discount stores such as J. As a widow, she was rarely photographed without her colored-glass U. Finally, although she was not as closely identified with it as was Barbara Bush with her three-strand fake pearls which were copied by several companies and sold as "First Lady Pearls" , Nancy Reagan wore a large and wide gold necklace and bracelet in the latter years of her tenure: This request for information was a multi-part question: I have heard that Laura Bush had it removed but cannot verify.

Do you know anything about this? While it's hard to put an exact number on any of the dresses worn by First Ladies since they are frequently donated or provided at a great discount, do you have some sense of what might be the most extravagant Inaugural wardrobe worn by any of the First Ladies? Based on what I can find, it seems like it might be a tie between Laura Bush in '05 and Nancy Reagan in ' Any thoughts on this one?

It might be fun to include Rosalynn Carter in our story, since she was so refreshingly frugal compared to many other First Ladies. I am wondering if you know of any quotes or anecdotes about her specifically as they relate to fashion, beauty or style? Carl Sferrazza Anthony's response: I believe Nancy Reagan's Inaugural trosseau may have proven to be the most expensive in terms of and then US currency. A lot has been written on this topic and you may find some factual information that is reliable in the otherwise unreliable Kitty Kelly biography of the First Lady.

Kelly's tone is acrimonious but she did punctuate her work with some substantive factual research and I believe information on the Inaugural clothes can be found here. You might also consult the fully-reliable Make-Believe, by Laurence Leamer; it covers the Inaugural.

As for Rosalynn Carter, the real reason she wore a "used" gown to her husband's Inaugural Ball actually had nothing to do with frugality and everything to do with sentiment: She did own - and bring to the White House - a sewing machine, she wrote, but found little to no time to ever use it.

Regarding your first question it is true that Pat Nixon accepted the supplies and machinery for a beauty shop that were donated to the White House by a cosmetology association, and she had them installed in a small room on the second floor, in the family quarters. Nancy Reagan did refurbish this - but beyond that, I don't know anything more. I do know that it did still exist during the Clinton years because I personally saw it, when I was invited into the private rooms. Caroline Harrison, and her daughter Mary Harrison McKee who lived in the White House with her parents, husband and children and who later served briefly as White House hostess, from October to March from the time of her mother's death to the Inauguration of her father's successor both had American-made gowns which they wore to the Inaugural Balls on 4 March However, extant records of what was worn by previous and later presidential wives and hostesses to their President's Inaugural Ball shows they did likewise - although the further one goes back, the less clear are the details of these clothes.

What made the two Harrison women's dresses of particular note was the effort to weave into the design a motif of a native American tree nut. I believe it was the acorn. Incidentally, the museum there also has a large collection of the clothing worn by the Harrison family women and it might provide further clues. The James Garfield home and estate, "Lawnfield," in Mentor, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, might be contacted for more information on whether or not Lucretia Garfield disliked what was originally a light purple colored dress which, I recall, faded fairly quickly in color.

In looking at excerpts of her diary entry from the Inaugural Ball, however, I discovered that she focused more on the physical strain of standing and shaking hands for two hours with a crush of strangers at the Ball. I do not have access to the full and unedited version of her diary, however. The story that Edith Roosevelt "re-modeled" her clothes to rewear is a misnomer.

She wearied quickly of the press inquiries for details on what clothes she would wear to particular events; she did not have a large collection of expensive clothes nor did she have an interest in spending one to accumulate one. Instead, over time, as press inquiries were made to her social secretary Isabella Hagner about the clothes, Edith Roosevelt had her witty and creative stepdaughter Alice Roosevelt simply offer vivid and different descriptions of the same piece of clothing Edith Roosevelt had already been seen wearing, changing the adjective preceeding a color, for example blue, light blue, periwinkle blue, sky blue, royal blue, etc.

In an age before photography became routine in newspapers, in this way the Roosevelt women managed to give the public impression that she owned and wore a larger clothing collection that she actually did - without technically "lying" to the press. The suit which Mrs. Kennedy was wearing at the time of her husband's assassination was sent by her mother in the months following that event to the National Archives in Washington.

It is only in recent years that this has been formally acknowledged and the family has legally responded by deeding it as a gift to that repository. I believe there may be a condition, however, of some many decades before permission will grant any public display of the suit. One immediate thought - there were smaller, compact inkwell pens at one point.

I am not sure if they existed in , but some of those I've seen from the 's could fold within its own tube so it was more of a short stub of a pen rather than the elongated one we think of today. Through the years I have seen a number of photographs taken of Julia Tyler; most of them are from her later years, as a widow. Black high waisted fitted trousers. Black high waisted fitted piped trousers.

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I can't wait to see how it turns out! Thanks so much for sharing your patten! So I did this lovely scarf. By any chance, do you have a headband to match? I think it would look so cute with a matching headband or hat.

I have not made headbands as yet! Gives me an idea I just finished this and absolutely love how simple and beautiful it is. The edging is brilliant! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I'm now on my sixth road trip scarf.

I'm addicted and I might even keep this one for me! Thank you for such a great pattern. I love this pattern! I never do the same pattern twice, unless its a dishcloth, and I've made 7 and counting! I do just love the simplicity of it! I wore one this weekend to a wedding and then to the mall and I got so many compliments on it! Just my absolute favorite! Just making my first road trip scarf, its so relaxing and I cant wait to wear it!

Thank you for the instructions. I can't open the video tutorial and am stuck at the edging Row Made my first roadtrip scarf! Tookm me roughly minute episodes on tv: No, not at all as long as you link any reference to the pattern itself back to me! I am making this for my sister who is moving from Austen to Chicago.

I hope it will help her to be stylishly warm in her down coat! Just finished mine yesterday and will post on your FB page. I am absolutely delighted with this pattern. I started my first last night and now 5. Just flowers and bits to finish. I can't thank you enough for sharing what will be wonderful Christmas gifts for my special friends. I love this pattern and am totally enjoying making the scarf. I'll definately be making more than one of these lovely scarfs.

I love you scarves. Wanting to make some but not sure where to find the yarns you used. Would you mind letting me know. Can't wait to start. I used South African yarns to make mine - unfortunately these are only available in SA. When I saw this scarf on Pinterest I was over the moon.

Well I have been all over the web searching for yarn. Finally settled on several different lots. RH -Unforgettable in parrot. Deborah Norville everyday in Valentine and flashback. Will post on FB when finished.

Thank you for your talent and sharing. Have been looking at this pattern for months and finally feel confident enough to give it a try - I am a plus sized woman and a beginner crocheter - could you please explain how to make it bigger for my size in detail?

I just love your scarves, the combination of colors is so beautiful. I wish I could make the exact color and yarn you have used but I can't find Elle brand here. Have a look at the Stylecraft Merry-Go-Round variegated yarns - some really pretty ones.

Very wide range of colours. The Red Heart Boutique yarns are also quite spectacular! Thanks for your patterns. All of them are wonderful! I knew your blog through Lucy from Attic. I hope you have been well. I am sharing your road trip scarf and your new neon shawl in my newsletter tonight. I just LOVE the neon shawl. I don't know what keeps happening to my comments here.

I'll try once more. Would I need to make adjustments? Always end with an even row number that way your stitch count should work out perfectly on your border rounds. About 14 - 16 rows in bulky yarn should be sufficient to fit a young child.

I love this pattern and its so easy to follow! Thanks so much for sharing it. I've made one and now I want to make some more in different colors! Just saw this and can't wait to try it this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful talent! Have a blessed weekend! It is so beautiful, takes my breath away. I have GOT to make this scarf! Thank you so much for sharing! Your road trip scarves are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pattern. Now I can make use of some of my "scrap" yarn.

Sunday, 1 June Road Trip Scarves: Friday I went on a little spur of the moment road trip with hubby and I wanted a fuss free project to keep me busy during the drive. Scissors are banned on road trips as hubby is paranoid that I accidentally stab myself again during a road trip a couple of months back I was snipping a thread, we hit a pothole, a very common occurrence on South African Roads, and I embedded the scissors in my left wrist.

I managed to finish both scarves, edge them and make a few little flowers - with a few cm of yarn to spare - before we arrived back home.

Yesterday morning I sewed the flowers on with some beads and a few braids and Ta-dah! Spinning my wheels a bit yesterday - waiting for the ladies to finish testing the patterns for my Zooty Owl Trivets and my Dahlia Mandala - so I thought I would make another one of these while I wait. I worked up the pattern and crocheted yet another Road Trip Scarf while making the photo tutorial.

The pattern is of such a nature that you could easily make the scarf bigger - even shawl size - by just adding more rows! If you are having trouble watching the video here - I have saved it on my Zooty Owl Facebook page too - you will find it under "Photos".

If for some reason you are unable to view the video on this page - I have it stored on my Zooty Owl Facebook page - go to photos and then Videos. I made 8 flowers, attaching 2 at each point and 4 randomly around the "v". Attach the flowers to the scarf, with a small wooden bead as the centre of the flower. I have been messing around with my camera settings for indoor photos - the days are way too short now as we approach winter solstice.

I don't quite know what I have done but I seem to have achieved a bit of a "neon" effect?! My elder daughter is very petite and she really feels the cold. The print friendly version of the pattern can be found HERE. In when I created my Road Trip scarf I had no idea that it would be so ridiculously popular.

I had a lot of requests for a longer scarf along similar lines. Either a frilly edge for a whimsical look or a zig-zag bobble edging. The original Road Trip Scarf edging and trims would also work well with this design.

The Day Trip Scarf differs from the Road Trip Scarf in that it increases steadily in length and gradually in width, whereas the Road Trip Scarf increases evenly in length and width. This version can also easily be made on a day journey as a passenger. Posted by zelna olivier at Penny I 1 June at Anonymous 1 June at Jeanne Steinhilber 1 June at Jan Strange 1 June at Sissyknitting yarn 1 June at Cheryl Oli 1 June at Dreama Diana 1 June at Anne 1 June at Clare 1 June at Peggy 2 June at Martha M 2 June at Anonymous 2 June at Chrissie Crafts 2 June at Elkie 2 June at Colleen 2 June at Pat 2 June at Emma Dearden 2 June at Lindsey 3 June at Theresa 17 August at Martha M 5 June at Louise Hood 15 July at Mariana Mill 5 June at Jocelyn Fordred 5 June at Anonymous 6 June at Nana 7 June at Susan Holman 9 June at Joanne 9 June at Adri Nieuwoudt 11 June at Pamela Taylor 19 June at Sally 20 June at Naomi van der Haar 21 June at Anonymous 23 June at Anonymous 29 June at Natas Nest 29 June at Carol B 10 July at Elizabeth 11 July at Anonymous 11 July at Diane Kelsey 13 July at Anonymous 13 July at Annette 14 July at Cynthia Caldwell 18 July at Anonymous 4 August at Brittany Anders 19 July at Shelly Branch 19 July at Kimberly 20 July at Carin 23 July at Tracy Williams 25 July at Amy 27 July at Anonymous 28 July at Anonymous 30 July at Anonymous 31 July at Wendy Drury 2 August at Brettsmum 3 August at Anonymous 3 August at Journeyhawk 3 August at SusanJoy 6 August at Anonymous 7 August at Anonymous 8 August at Nance 15 August at Ceejay 17 August at TheEmploymentYenta 18 August at Anonymous 18 August at TWood 19 August at Michelle Wulf 19 August at

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