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In the U.S., this shirt is often called a tuxedo shirt or tux shirt. The shirt is always white. The shirt is always white. The shirt required for white tie is very specific.

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Brooks Brothers offers a collection of men’s dress shirts in four unique fits: slim, regular, classic and relaxed. Crafted from the softest Supima®, Egyptian and Sea Island cotton, shirts are available in several weaves, such as oxford, broadcloth and twill.
T-shirts became one of the great democratizers of American clothing; while the cut, tailoring, and fabric of one’s garments had formerly signaled one’s identity and class, standardized, inexpensive tees became the new vehicles for personal expression.
Men's shirts Our tremendous men's shirt range brings you the best formal shirts, casual shirts, luxury shirts, business casual shirts, evening shirts and more. Tyrwhitt shirts are all % cotton and come in four different fits, with non-iron options and a variety of sleeve lengths and collar types.
T-shirts became one of the great democratizers of American clothing; while the cut, tailoring, and fabric of one’s garments had formerly signaled one’s identity and class, standardized, inexpensive tees became the new vehicles for personal expression.
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Fold the shirt in half and cut out triangles near the shoulders. Make sure you are only cutting through the front layer of the tee. Then cut longer triangles against the bottom edge of the tee. Pair this crop with a high-waisted skirt and chunky summer heels. For this tee you will need to cut off the arms and cut a straight line directly under the neckline. On the front side, snip a triangle to create a more flattering fit to your cover up.

Fold and sew all top edges of the garment. Use a scrap piece of T-shirt, cut into strips and pull into yarn. Snake it through the loops and tie into a knot. White tees are the perfect poolside cover up. Want to spruce it up?

Check out this DIY on how to add punny beach phrases to your cover ups. Cut your white tee into a tank top by removing the neckline, sleeves, and bottom hem. Then cut at the shoulder seam and pin on to your new fabric. Trim the neckline into a deep V with an even deeper V on the back side. Measure three lengths of chain — one will be the length from the bottom of the V to the neck line, one from top of strap to top of strap, and one that stretches across the middle of the V.

Tie a piece of t-shirt scrap to the end of the chain and sew onto the t-shirt. Use the jump rings to connect the chains together on the shirt.

Cut the neckline, bottom hem, and arm hems off the first T-shirt. Cut the side seam and arm seam on both sides of the shirt and use this separated fabric to cut 6 three-inch vertical strips.

Cut out a large rectangle from your second shirt and snip about 8 three-inch horizontal strips, keeping them attached — do not cut all the way to the end. Pin the horizontal strips along the both edges of the shirt, then sew. Make sure you do not sew the arm holes closed! Weave the top strips through the horizontal strips.

Take the long strip of T-shirt fabric you just cut from the bottom of the tee and wrap it around your waist, using it as a belt. With just a few snips, you've transformed your boring T-shirt into a cute top. Add creative flair to your T-shirts with scissors. Step 1 Lay the T-shirt flat on a table. Align the seams at the front and the back so they match up. Step 2 Begin with the neck. Step 3 Move on to the sleeves. Step 4 Turn your attention to the overall length of the T-shirt.

Some bands left such an indelible mark on the face of music, not only are their songs vintage, but so is basically anything else they touched — including iconic scenes, logos and vintage band t-shirts. One of the most perfect examples of a band that change the world is The Beatles. Whether you love them or hate them, you certainly know who they are and can respect the impact they had on music. It's no doubt to this day that some of the best memories surrounding their music are played out in the vintage Beatles t-shirts people choose to wear each day.

The Beatles weren't alone in leaving an everlasting impact on the world of music though. Bob Marley really hit it on the head when he said, " One good thing about music , when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley fans are more than proud to sport his likeness. Feel the tropical breeze, allow your toes to wiggle into the sand, and do it all from the office in your favorite vintage Bob Marley T-shirt. That is the whole idea — to capture the feeling you get when the music hits you just right.

When a brand has been around long enough to make it to "vintage" status, it often means so much more than just a swig of a soda or a way to pass the time. That brand is a memory.

It is that hot summer day that you got your first kiss while sharing that Pepsi. It is the time that after 16 straight hours of fending of Donkey Kong's relentless barrels, you finally rescued the princess on your Atari.

It is an experience! So what are you remembering with your vintage brand logo t-shirt or what made you choose a vintage Pepsi t-shirt in particular? And why does it make you feel nostalgic and loyal? These are the minute questions we ask ourselves without even knowing it when we find the perfect vintage shirt.

What is it about superheroes and comics that get the adrenaline of true fans pumping? Maybe it's the smell of the comic book or the feeling of the pages as they turn in a dimly lit comic book shop. One thing that is hard to argue against is that you certainly see yourself — your best qualities — in the heroes you admire.

When Batman gets the bad guy, so do you. When a hero finally comes to grips with their own weaknesses, so do you. So when you go on the hero's journey with your favorite superhero, find the right superhero vintage t-shirt to capture that feeling. Then of course there are the mega-classics. There's no superhero quite like Superman when it comes to superhero vintage status. Like a first edition still sealed in mint condition - and ideally protected behind bulletproof glass - getting the right vintage Superman look is like taking a page straight from history home with you.

Remembering your first brush with superhero-dom by sporting your favorite Superman vintage t-shirt, you will feel like there is no kryptonite in the world that could make you regret your choice.

Now there is no way you could forget that first all-nighter Your thumbs nearly bleeding, adrenaline running high, and a dark room lit only by the soft glow of the television as you played relentlessly through the levels of your favorite video game.

Outside of Atari, Mario is a vintage videogame mega-icon that just keeps on giving. While gaming on your Next Gen gaming console, you'll definitely have no trouble remembering your roots with a vintage Mario t-shirt. Or who could forget everyone's favorite pointy-eared Hylian — Link! Throw on a vintage Zelda t-shirt and you'll feel like you're back in your footie pajamas staying up past bed time. We can only hope you were a child when that memory was made, or this might be another discussion entirely!

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