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Log in or sign up in seconds. I bought 1 and they are are a quite nice quality. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. I believe they are american apparel if Im remembering correctly. Occasionally ill see a tasteful t-shirt on Red Bubble since i look mostly for simplistic ones.

16 T-Shirts That Are So Comfy and Stylish, You'll Want to Wear Them Forever. Because you can never have enough T-shirts!
Discover the best Men's T-Shirts in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in Amazon Best Sellers.
16 T-Shirts That Are So Comfy and Stylish, You'll Want to Wear Them Forever. Because you can never have enough T-shirts!
Available in regular sizes and big & tall sizes. In-store Master Tailors · + Stores Nationwide · Finest Italian Fabrics · Affordable & LuxuriousStyles: Extreme Slim Fit, Slim Fit, Modern Fit, Classic Fit, Big & Tall.
So before buy an t-shirts for men, you should check the different online shopping sites who deal in providing men t shirts. After then, you should check the review of others who buy from that sites. It will helps you to find the best online sites for buy men t-shirts.

The best selection and lowest prices on blank wholesale t-shirts for men, women, and.

Where can i buy quality plain t-shirts to print on at a good price? I'm looking for another brand and a better price. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Quick reply to this message.

January 19th, Jan 19, You can call me: January 19th, Jan 19, 2: January 19th, Jan 19, 4: If you have plans to print apparel as a 'business' and will be frequently ordering blank apparel, then I suggest you acquire a tax ID from your state and open an account with a wholesale distributor or with several distributors. Both attaining a tax ID and opening accounts are not difficult tasks. Wholesale Distributors are friendly towards new accounts so don't feel that it may be intimidating.

By ordering directly from a wholesale distributor you are eliminating the 'middlemen' sources mentioned in the other posts and paying for an unnecessay service. Many of the wholesale Distributors have multiple wharehouses. If you're located near one you may be able to have an order placed today, arrive tomorrow. Wholesale distributors are in tight competition with each other so they frequently have sales and will send emails announcing those. They will also send their customers free catalogs.

Some wholesale distributors also give single piece pricing the same as the case price. American Apparel, and Sanmar. There are many benefits in dealing directly with wholesale distributors; it may be the way to go for you.

January 19th, Jan 19, 8: We actually have a whole section of the forum for sourcing wholesale blanks: Sometimes you may need to find something special for a customer, and that's where the wholesale blanks forum comes in handy.

Someone here usually has a wholesale source for just about anything. Find a company to print your t-shirts - list your own t-shirt printing company. June 30th, Jun 30, 9: July 1st, Jul 1, 2: Also because if I order the apparel today, I receive it tomorrow. Shipping time is something you may want to consider when selecting a distributor and many distributors, like Sanmar, have more than one continental location that they ship from.

June 7th, Jun 7, 1: Try this site Wholesale t-shirts and other blank printable shirts at wholesale prices. June 8th, Jun 8, We buy out tees from Carolina Made very good cusomer service and selection. November 13th, Nov 13, 9: This is a discussion about Where can i buy quality plain t-shirts to print on at a good price? Type Your Message Below: It is against our Forum Guidelines. Quote message in reply?

In order to be able to post messages on the T-Shirt Forums, you must first register. I believe they are american apparel if Im remembering correctly. Threadless and designbyhumans are good too.

Just remember the golden rules of graphic tee shirts:. OP, I suggest that you take the 3 points at the bottom apart from fit as pieces of advice rather than absolutes. Intricate, overblown designs can be cool too. Do what makes you happy. If you can get past the stigma, a good thrift store is hands the best place for t's. The selection is massive, the shirts are a couple bucks a piece, and if you're willing to do the work of looking through hundreds of shirts, you'll find some incredible shit.

I really like almost everything about them, stretchy, light, comfy etc. Probably gonna buy this JCF pocket tee though. The JCF pocket tees are my go to. No offense to you, but I have no idea what you are talking about. JCF tshirts are by far the worst quality that I own.

In under 7 washes the collar gets wrinkly, the stitching has come apart. This hasn't happened to any other shirts I've ever owned. This has happened to four of their shirts. None taken but I've had the complete opposite experience. The textures of the shirts definitely vary with Factory but I've had them hold up better than the JCrew broken-in ones those tended to shrink more.

I love my jcrew factory pocket tees. They are my favorite. That sucks you had such a shitty experience with them. Love me some RL pocket tee's. Always been a big fan of threadless. Cool user made and designed t shirts and hoodies.

I'm actually not a fan of urban outfitters graphics. The material shrinks so fast - and they usually have a weird fit for me.

It's funny though because wearing a t-shirt simply because someone famous did it is the very conformity many of those musicians would have despised. Many of these are really good designs, and they have some history to them. Everyone's influenced by something. Anyway, bottom line is there are cool shirts here so who cares what someone "would have" thought? I guess but to me these are otherwise ordinary shirts that are only going to be bought because someone famous wore them.

I get your comment about guitars, though guitars don't really compare as different guitars have a different feeling when played, I understand your point about influences but I guess I'm just saying: There is influence and then there is pure emulation but don't let me ruin your day this is just my opinion. You might also buy them because you like the band on the shirt, so it's a shirt you have and like yourself. I don't get why there's a need to seek imaginary approval from the people in the photos.

You're not going to find say, a Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers shirt at the mall, and if you're going to get one, an original design is the most interesting choice. I don't really understand your point. If you like the shirt buy the shirt but if you're going to tell me you're wearing something because Zappa wore it 30 years ago then I don't know what to tell you. They don't just sell shirts that famous musicians wore, they sell original design band t shirts.

Nope—I'd rather wear something that was designed to be a shirt than one that has a superimposed album cover or something. As these designs are often not available for bands that no longer exist, having vintage ones recreated from photos is a great option, which is why I recommended the company. Seeing the historical photos is fun and interesting, not the reason to buy or wear something. They have a slim or regular fit in most of their styles which is great for me.

The slim fit small is too tight, the slim medium is too big, but the regular fit in small is perfect. For graphic shirts I love Headline Shirts.

How much are you willing to spend? If you're not so concerned with price, Margiela has some very cool graphic tees. I've found cool stuff on yoox, but with them you have to use filters and be in for a marathon browsing session.

You can also find cool stuff just browsing Eastdane and Grailed. I really like designbyhumans. I'll put my phone in it sometimes, I also tend to carry a small notebook, so if I'm wearing a pocket tee it's convenient for that.

Threadless , Design by Human and Target Buy graphic tees from CottonBureau. You'll be supporting young designers, getting cool shirts and only about 50 shirts are produced per design.

American Giant is my "go to" for tees, pocket tees, and long sleeve tees with or without pockets. They have heavy and medium weight versions.

And the prices are great: Most T-shirts, from a scoop neck micro-rib to a boxy pocket tee, ring in under $30, and many are under $20; the brand’s new $15 tee will definitely see use in any wardrobe. Discover the best Men's T-Shirts in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in Amazon Best Sellers. The supreme tees I own are made from pre-shrunk cotton, have a slim cut and uh "feel like nice quality t-shirts" with a relatively decent thickness. The graphic prints are also really nice and hold up well to multiple washes without cracking.