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With a population of just over , residents, Green Bay is Wisconsin’s third largest city and the largest of the string of cities collectively called the Fox Cities in the northeastern part of the state. Interestingly, Green Bay is one of the oldest continuously settled places in the United States, having been established as a French trading [ ].

I like the Vikings and the Bears, skip the Packers. I have photos from Anyone have any information on this dead horse? Or was it ever redeveloped?

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Location and access. The main portion of the Toronto Eaton Centre complex is bounded by Yonge Street on the east, Queen Street West on the south, Dundas Street West on the north, and to the west by James Street and Trinity flagship location of the Hudson's Bay department store chain, which has been part of the complex since Cadillac Fairview's purchase of the building in , is.

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With a population of just over , residents, Green Bay is Wisconsin’s third largest city and the largest of the string of cities collectively called the Fox Cities in the northeastern part of the state. Interestingly, Green Bay is one of the oldest continuously settled places in the United States, having been established as a French trading [ ].

Elsewhere in the mall, there was a T-shirt shop and a nail salon on one end, and on the far end there was a guy who had set up in the Things Remembered store evidently selling his old junk and knicknacks. Its a long walk from one end to the other, and even though it was the official start to the holiday shopping season, there was NOTHING there to reflect that fact. No decorations, no Santa, etc.

A handful of old folks were walking around for exercize, and that was it. Oh, and it was freezing cold inside. Bobby January 29th, at Matt from WI May 29th, at 3: Must have opened with the mall. They quit using the cursive logo in …. Their current logo that you always see on their boxes now has been in use since the buyout from management. They anchored several other malls here in WI as well, not just my local haunt. I miss them greatly.

I need to check up on old threads here at Labelscar more often than I do. All in the name of progress I suppose. Matt from WI May 29th, at 9: June 21st, at 6: I was the first female mall cop at the mall. Magda May 30th, at I had no idea at the time, but a few days my friend and I walked the length of the mall on what was apparently the last day of it even being open. It was seriously a ghost town. Completely gut the inside of the mall? New floors and lighting would have done the mall some good.

But when it comes down to it, why would anyone choose Machesney over Cherryvale? Paul June 1st, at In later years, I hung out there with friends through the end of high school. Considering how sound the structure appears to be, one would think revitalizing the mall, rather than demolishing it, would be the best course of action.

So sad — yet another memory that fades into history. Charles June 2nd, at After reading of the redevelopment plans, I decided to make a follow-up visit to the mall on my way home from Wisconsin today. Since I was there last six months ago , the remaining stores in the mall have ALL closed — the nail salon, the T-shirt place and the curio shop.

They have also removed the pop machines and candy machines from the mall. However, the big development is — they have sealed the mall off from the anchor stores.

We all know what that means — probably will see the demolition equipment there next time. I was surprised that the side entrances into the mall from the parking lot were still open. But even that, I doubt will last very long. Trevor June 24th, at My house is literally a minute drive from the mall. Highway might be their most lucrative development and most notable accomplishment since the magnificent mile. They bought it to ensure nobody else could bring it back to life and steal away potential business from their developments a mile to the north.

After Kerasotes closed the movie theaters in late summer for a new 14 theater multiplex built….. I was born the year it opened, I grew up with this mall. I have more memories of this place than I can keep count of.

And I know the people of this community. Both Simon and Rubloff wasted an anchor store on this trash establishment which, for some unexplainable reason, will remain open until the wrecking ball shows up. Charles June 24th, at 4: Hmmm, so my interior visit on June 2 may have been the very last one of all time by a Laberscar reader….. Trevor June 25th, at June 25th, at 9: Charles June 28th, at 1: Prangeway June 28th, at 6: Adam July 16th, at 2: Allan July 16th, at 5: It, of course, also makes me angry that Rubloff let this mall die, too!

Especially if it was thriving somewhat, as recently as the early s even if back then, it was still in the shadow of the success of Cherryvale…. Patrick July 17th, at So they Rubloff has killed off a great mall go fig on that. I was in MP around Jan 07 and now i regret not taking pictures of my fav mall. Growing up in LP and graduating Harlem in 98, going to MP elementary across the street in 6Th grade and going to the mall many days after school what a blast.

Does any body have full pics of MP Mall by a chance? Charles August 11th, at 3: Eager for an update, I rode out to Machesney Park today to see what was happening there. Not sure when they actually closed, but keep in mind this is August 11 and they have already cleared out the store and removed the name from the exterior entrance. I went into the JC Penney store so I could look into the mall, and it still looks untouched. Prangeway August 12th, at 1: Seventh Avenue Direct at Cherryvale?

What space did they take there? But it probably still has the junk that fell off their truck for sale…. Ellen August 26th, at 8: I am so stuck in the past! I was at this mall every weekend of my preteen life! I remember all the different colored paper and cute pens and pencils in there…oh take me back, take me back!!!

October 6th, at 6: Ellen, yes I remember World Bazar. Used to have one at Cherryvale too. I remember after seeing an Indiana Jones movie at Machesney Theaters which I later managed and pretending I was him and that they were all valuable antiques…. Don September 27th, at I blew A LOT of quarters there!!!! Considering the growth the growth in Machesney Park and now the off-ramp on I That mall just needed a serious makeover and it would have been great again. October 9th, at 8: I have moved away 20 years ago but visited the mall in I wanted to show my teens how cool of a place I hung at.

And not for the better Will one of you go say good-bye to it for me! And thanks for the pictures of old for a minute I was 16 again. Jonah Norason October 12th, at 5: PeteJayhawk October 28th, at Then I remember how it was in , when it was part of my sales territory before I moved away from the Rockford area.

But despite the comments of an earlier commenter, Machesney Park Mall was in decline long before Rubloff bought it. That said, they made little to no effort to improve it. Also interesting — the red Firebird in the picture above?

Charles November 2nd, at 9: Nothing has changed inside, although the trees in the planters are looking pretty dead by now. Matt from WI November 3rd, at I sense another Lakeview Centre on the horizon. That mall in Manitowoc WI has the same problem. Owned by someone that does nothing with the building. Yet it has viable end-anchor spots still open and humming along.

Ah well, the mall will always be open here thanks to the preservation of its interior in picture form. November 13th, at 3: Kind of depressing, actually.

BB February 6th, at 9: I love this mall. I can have a moment in my head of being there. They are empty stores now. Kain February 17th, at 6: The pictures definitely bring back memories for me, as a lot of my early teens was spent taking young ladies to the movie theaters of which there were two for a long time before they closed the smaller one. Jonah Norason February 23rd, at Prange Way February 26th, at Charles March 9th, at 1: I see JC Penney has finally paneled over the entrance doors and windows inside their store, so its no longer possible to gaze into the mall from inside the store.

Its just like Euclid Square in suburban Cleveland — you can look in the mall but not usually actually go inside. Sponge May 18th, at 5: Jonah Norason July 7th, at 2: A JCPenney outlet store is basically the dumping ground of the regional stores. Everything is out-of-date, looks like a rummage sale, may have defects, and most of everything has already been picked through. But there ARE low prices! D Hill August 15th, at Does anyone remember the name of the ice cream parlor that was in the mall?

February 2nd, at D Hill August 18th, at DLO Hill August 22nd, at 9: Man, I hate to get sentimental and all — but I gotta take it there. I left Rockford in and, maybe, caught a movie at the Mach when I came home on leave the same year or the following year.

The movie was Predator 2. There was a comic book store right down the road that my brothers and I would hit up on the way to the Mach. CoryTJ August 23rd, at 1: At one point I had considered buying the Petland franchise at Machesney Park, but after observing the diminishing foot traffic and researching when leases expired, I opted against it.

This was back in I can still remember the guy that owned it; he was the sheriff…Owen R. DAVE November 4th, at 1: Does any one know who owns the old taco bell building.

I would like to open a store there if rent is low. I went to school across the street from it at Franklin middle school. The mall was packed when I was younger. It makes me extremely sad to see the Machesney mall the way it looks today. I know those days are over though. I grew up in Freeport home to another dead mall — Lincoln but had relatives in Rockford.

I remember going to the Orange Julius there in the 80s and getting an egg added for 25 cents! That was pre-salmonella scare. Dave January 14th, at 8: Ellen Combs March 2nd, at 9: The name is driving me nuts!! September 21st, at 8: Todd March 29th, at 2: I grew up in Machesney Park and remember the mall well.

I worked at the Kohls and World Bazaar and spent much of my free time going to the movies and the arcade. Looking at the pictures I am saddened as I have so many good memories from the mall. I am going to miss the Machesney Park Mall. Lauren April 1st, at 1: No injuries reported and the damage was nonexistent due to work to be completed. Word has it that there is going to be a Burlington Coat Factory at the location.

Marie April 10th, at Before the mall was built I remember my dad taking us to see the fireworks on this land after the airport closed to make way for the mall.

We had cheerleading competitions in this mall during Christmas break every year with all the squads from local junior high and high schools. During high school and while at home on college breaks I would work at this mall. I am so sad viewing these current photos. Parts of the mall are so stale, generic and unrecognizable. During November thru mid January parking was next to impossible. I left the area long ago.

As sad as this demise is of MPM, not surprising considering the location. Charles May 30th, at 7: I think what they did was remove the exterior wall of the mall the corrugated brick or whatever it was and replaced it with the new Staples wall. Looking in where I could, it looks like the remainder of the rest of the mall is gutted. March 26th, at 8: The cream and red scheme led me to think it looked like it would be a Staples. Michael J June 20th, at 3: I find it odd that in the thirty years I have been gone from the area that the once grass airfield turned into a huge mall that prospered and died in that space of time.

Rockford had an unemployment rate of 27 or 28 percent at the time, highest in the nation and I gave up looking for a job before I even started and moved West. When I left, the spot was the recently closed Machesney Airport, which had been famous for being the oldest airport still in operation. It was shaped like a huge orange root beer barrel, and still had the trays that hooked to the window.

Years later, he went back to the mall, and on that day a man set himself on fire during the Christmas shopping. Hart June 29th, at 3: Calvary Central Districts Hospital. Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. Cibo Espresso, Gouger St. Cibo Espresso, North Adelaide. Cibo Espresso, Hyde Park. Cibo Espresso, Burnside Village. Cibo Espresso, Pirie St. Cibo Espresso, Westfield Marion. Cibo Espresso, Henley Square.

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Bay Park Square is located on Oneida Street in Green Bay, just one mile south of historic Lambeau Field. The mall is home to Kohl's, Shopko, and more than specialty retailers including Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, Apricot Lane, Bath & Body Works, Buckle, Express, Gap, Gymboree, LOFT, Old Navy, Tilly's, Victoria's Secret, and Zumiez. Rent Trends. As of October , the average apartment rent in Green Bay, WI is $ for a studio, $ for one bedroom, $ for two bedrooms, and $ for three bedrooms. Green Bay is a city in and the county seat of Brown County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, at the head of Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the Fox is feet ( m) above sea level and miles ( km) north of population was , at the census. Green Bay is the third-largest city in the state of Wisconsin, after Milwaukee and Madison.