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The Perfect Dress is proud to support The Corsage Project, which was founded in as a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation. Both judges and counsel dress in white and black, white shirt, black coat, tie and trousers for men and white sarees for women. Who was Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix? My Bold Street Style Outfit. Oh, other than to say that I show this worn as a dress, and as a possible skirt with wide waistband.

Old etiquette: No surprise here―a cocktail dress. New etiquette: Cocktail dresses are always in style, but you have other options. What to wear: These days, a cocktail party can be anything from a swanky society affair―cue that glittery knee-length number from the “special occasions” department―to a low-key group of friends gathered around a platter of crudités.
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During the hot summer months, white shirt and trousers and a white neck band may be worn. In addition, judges wear a black robe over their other garments. Wigs are no longer worn.

Dress codes are rigorously enforced within the Superior Courts of the country. In Sri Lanka , the British tradition of court dress had been adopted and practiced until reforms of the legal system took place in the s, and much of the ceremonial and formal court dress worn by judges and lawyers was replaced with black business suits. However, the old traditions were revived in the s with many elements of the traditional court dress being used today. Both judges and counsel dress in white and black, white shirt, black coat, tie and trousers for men and white sarees for women.

On ceremonial occasions such as ceremonial sittings of the Supreme Court they wear a scarlet gown, barrister's bands , mantle and a long wig. On ceremonial occasions such as ceremonial sittings of the Supreme Court they wear a black gown with purple borders, barrister's bands, mantle and a long wig.

High Court and District Court judges wear black gowns. Magistrates do not wear gowns. President's Counsel 's court dress is similar to that of Queen's Counsels. It includes a silk gown with a flap collar and long closed sleeves the arm opening is half-way up the sleeve. Therefore, the term "taken silk" continues. On special ceremonial occasions such as ceremonial sittings of the Supreme Court , PCs also wear a long wig.

Attorneys at law wear white and black when appearing in all courts. They must wear black robes when appearing in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court; it is optional in the lower courts. Male attorneys may wear black suits with white shirt, black tie and trousers or white national, while female attorneys may wear a white saree or dress.

The court usher known as Court Mudliar wears a white uniform, as do court Arachies. Court dress in many jurisdictions with legal systems derived from England's, including Caribbean and African countries, which have court dress identical to that in England and Wales.

Recent changes to Chinese courts have led to a more formal dress code. Business suits or black gowns with a red stripe on the front are replacing the military look of the Chinese court system. Judges of the supreme court wear black robes with a red strip with buttons.

The buttons are gold with the top button having the seal of the People's Republic of China. As a common law jurisdiction, court dress in Hong Kong is practically the same as court dress in England and Wales.

Under the auspices of the one country, two systems policy after , when sovereignty of the former British crown colony was transferred to the People's Republic of China, the territory has continued to be a common law jurisdiction, and English legal traditions have been preserved.

Judges in the Court of Final Appeal , however, do not wear wigs but only gowns with lace jabot , similar to those of International Court of Justice. Some judges wear wigs as part of the ceremonies during the opening address of the legal year in Hong Kong. German court dress consists of a plain robe similar to the ones worn in the United States, normally without any kind of scarf or collar.

However, judges and prosecutors always wear white shirts and white neckties under their robes, as is customary for lawyers in criminal cases. The colour of judges' robes varies between different kinds of courts and branches of the judiciary.

While at the Federal Court of Justice in civil and criminal matters dark red robes with dark red velvet linings are always worn, lower courts — which are under the jurisdiction of the German states — use black in civil and criminal matters.

Other branches of the judiciary labour, administrative and social use different colours of judges' robes. Hats are out of use at most German courts, with the exception of the Federal Constitutional Court , where they are still worn by the judges. While the colour of German judges' robes can vary, lawyers in all branches of the law nearly always wear black robes while in court, with the exception of those admitted to the Federal Court of Justice Bar, in civil matters; these specially appointed attorneys in private practice also wear dark red robes with silk linings.

The robes of lawyers and judges can be distinguished by the size and material of the lining. State prosecutors wear the same black robes as states' judges sitting in "ordinary" criminal or civil courts, while representatives of the Federal Public Prosecutor General wear dark red robes like federal court judges.

At the Federal Constitutional Court, a different type of robe is used which is based on the historical court dress of the Italian town of Florence. The constitutional court judges wear scarlet satin robes with a very high neckline, and caps, combined with a white pleated jabot.

Lawyers appearing before the Constitutional Court wear their accustomed robes, i. The Irish Free State , established in , continued largely with the courts and court system inherited from the United Kingdom , albeit pared down and shorn of some of its imperial grandeur. To fit with the reorganization of the courts, the judiciary all but abandoned the wearing of their former ceremonial costumes. Prior to Independence , the Lord Chancellor , Master of the Rolls and the Lords Justice of Appeal in Ireland would have worn full ceremonial dress identical to their English equivalents, viz.

The Lord Chief Justice , Lord Chief Baron up to the extinction of the office on the retirement of Christopher Palles in and other puisne judges of the High Court would likewise have worn scarlet robes with ermine hood and ermine-trimmed mantle. Many fine examples of these robes can be seen in portraits of Irish judges in the King's Inns. The judges of the new superior courts, including the Chief Justice and President, adopted for all occasions—ceremonial or otherwise—the ordinary working judicial dress of the austere type previously worn by members of the old Court of Appeal , that is, as Order rule 2 of the Rules of the Superior Courts, originally read:.

A black coat and vest of uniform make and material of the kind worn by Senior Counsel, a black Irish poplin gown of uniform make and material, white bands and a wig of the kind known as the small or bobbed wig. The prescribed dress of judges of the District Court in Order 5 rule 1 of the District Court Rules, is the same, but does not include a wig.

Order rule 2 of the Rules of the Superior Courts was amended in , and now stipulates that:. This new uniform is worn without a wig, and the single white neck tab is more reminiscent of European style court dress.

Barristers' dress in Ireland is almost unchanged since the pre-Independence era. Counsel may not exercise his right of audience unless he is properly attired. It is provided in Order rule 3 of the Rules of the Superior Courts as follows:.

Senior and Junior Counsel shall appear, when in court, habited in a dark colour and in such robes and bands and with such wigs as have heretofore been worn by Senior and Junior Counsel respectively, and no Counsel shall be heard in any case during the sittings unless so habited. It may therefore be said that Irish barristers robe similarly to their English counterparts.

Such robes are worn by barristers in all courts, including the District Court. Like Queen's Counsel in England, Senior Counsel generally wear a short bar wig and black silk or poplin gown with flap collar and long, closed sleeves over a buttoned and broad-cuffed court coat.

Their shirts will have a detachable stiff wing collar, worn with bands. Junior Counsel wear a short bar wig and black poplin or stuff bar gown which has a gathered yoke and short, open sleeves over a dark three-piece suit with similar wing collar and bands.

While it is not unknown for female barristers to wear a blouse with separate bands much like male colleagues, more commonly they would wear a starched white all-in-one collarette or bib covering their neckline that approximates in looks to a tall Mandarin collar and bands. Section 49 of the Courts and Court Officers Act , however, did abolish the requirement that barristers should wear wigs in court.

To this extent only, the wording of the Rules of Court above is somewhat out of date. All counsel still must wear a gown and bands etc. By affording individual barristers a discretion to wear the forensic wig in court, the new rule defused what had become an increasingly bitter debate in the profession whether it was appropriate to cleave to anachronistic modes of dress - even as a traditional and undoubtedly recognizable uniform - and avoided a more drastic solution, such as the abandonment of wigs or gowns altogether.

Accordingly, there is little contemporary call for reform of court dress in Ireland. Junior counsel are called to the Bar in three sittings in the year, one in Hilary term , one Trinity term , and the other in Michaelmas term.

This ceremony takes place in the Supreme Court. All new barristers habit themselves in full court working dress. Senior Counsel are appointed annually in the Call to the Inner Bar, a short ceremony in the Supreme Court towards the end of Michaelmas term. Junior counsel are members of the Outer or Utter Bar. On this occasion alone do the new Senior Counsel wear full-bottomed wigs, though with their working robes rather than with the breeches, stockings, patent court shoes and lace stock of former times.

This is purely a matter of convention and is not, so it would seem, governed by any rule of court. Since , the Chief Justice has presided over the ceremony in lieu of the departed Lord Chancellor. None has seen fit to alter the manner of the Call. Judges and counsel are forbidden to wear wigs and gowns in proceedings in the District, Circuit and High Courts in respect of inter alia the following Acts:.

It is arguable that the Oireachtas intended the ban on "wigs and gowns" should be read liberally to mean that judges and barristers should appear in ordinary suits in these cases. In practice, a literal interpretation of the rule has been preferred. Judges and counsel do not wear either wig or gown in the family courts but will dutifully don the court coat if applicable and a wing collar and bands nonetheless.

Full court working dress remains worn in the Supreme Court in any proceedings, including those under the foregoing statutes. The Rules of Court oblige judges and barristers to wear court dress only "during the sittings" that is, during the four law terms of Michaelmas , Hilary , Easter and Trinity. In any hearing during the vacations, judges and counsel wear ordinary suits. By virtue of Section 17 of the Courts Act , all solicitors have full rights of audience in the superior courts of Ireland.

When appearing as advocates, they wear ordinary suits and, unlike in England, are not required to wear gowns. Both Israeli judges and lawyers while appearing in court, especially in higher courts wear black robes, generally worn open to show a white shirt, black necktie, and dark trousers or skirts, and a dark jacket in the winter, or a similar outfit for women.

The robes and neckties may bear the logo of the Israel Bar Association. Out of court, many lawyers will wear a Bar Association pin in their jacket lapel. While the practice of lawyers wearing court dress is a legacy of the British Mandate that immediately preceded Israeli independence, the relatively simple outfit and lack of wigs shows American influence; both nations' systems of law have similarly influenced Israel's.

In Italy judges, prosecutors and lawyers wear black robes in higher courts or in criminal cases. Judges and prosecutors wear red, ermine-lined robes with golden striped hats on solemn occasions such as the opening of the judicial year. In the Netherlands and Belgium , judges, lawyers and prosecutors dress identically in the form of a black robe and a white band.

This is a symbolic act, as it is meant to convey the idea that the judge is merely the representative of Dutch or Belgian law, rather than an elevated individual with the power of sentencing people.

This idea finds its origins in the time of the French revolution. However, there are some slight differences between the judge and the lawyer. The judge wears a black robe, with silk ties on the sleeves and on the closure of the robe.

Lawyers just wear a simple black robe. The higher the rank in court, the fancier the robe becomes; the members of the ' Hoge Raad ' High Council wear a velvet black robe with ermine ties. Previously, Dutch judges shared no common dress as the Spanish Netherlands and the Dutch Republic , as the Netherlands were highly decentralised with only provincial and urban law and no federal law. Hence judges would dress as was the tradition in their own cities or towns. In Sweden there is no official court dress for judges and judges do not wear gowns.

When the event calls for a formal look, girls' special occasion dresses are a gorgeous choice. Tweens look stunning when adorned in dresses made from luxury materials such as velvet, lace, taffeta, and tulle. Diverse styles, cuts, and lengths create an endless selection of beautiful dresses. Choose from tea-length dresses that end below the knee or regal floor-length options.

From sleek A-line dresses to layered tulle looks, you're sure to find the design that's perfect for the event she's headed to. Look for a fun party dress, designs for a formal dance, or an unforgettable flower girl dress. Party dresses are elegant enough for birthday parties, religious celebrations, or special events. Some designs feature stretch cotton materials that yield simple yet beautiful girls' dresses for special occasions. With fun colors, patterns, and embellishments, these can easily double as a formal wardrobe option.

When memorable occasions arise, big girls love to stand out in dresses with lots of flair. Embroidered detailing, lace, and sparkling sequins are just a few embellishments that make dresses for a formal dance so special. Formal dance designs are usually a little understated. Flower girl dresses come in styles that are as over the top or as subtle as the wedding's theme.

Sleeveless tea-length dresses with a tulle underlay are ideal for warmer weather, while floor-length taffeta or velvet designs with mesh sleeves or matching cardigans are ideal for fall and winter. Unlined felt see inside photo. The peacock feathers are beautifully iridescent! The gold lame is shiny! No closures, so will fit a variety of sizes..

This will overwhelm you! A high end early department store dry goods where Mr. Selfridge began his career as a salesman and rose up the ranks to President just prior to opening his fine establishment in London because Marshall Fields refused to add his name to theirs! As it's written in a book about Mr. A major American manufacturer of copy machines and office supplies in the late 19th Century and the 20th Century. Dick purchased the patent from his friend Thomas Edison.

So was he wealthy??? This gown came from an auction lot at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago in the late 's. When they went to the cashier to pay, they were told that a steamer trunk came with the lot. That trunk was labeled A. Mathews on January 25, , it is presumed that this is the wedding gown from that wedding. Alice's father was Charles H. Mathews who had amassed a fortune and had become the richest man in Galesburg, IL at the time of his death in So Alice could afford the very best in wedding gowns!

Alice passed away in and AB Dick married Alice's sister! Mary Henrietta Mathews in And indeed it is It's a one-piece ivory silk brocade gown with long ruffle edged train, bustle back, "v" attached bodice, beaded netting adorning bodice and sleeves, "leaf" patter brocade, ribbons down front, low cut bodice with chiffon interior, bust pads! The only issues to report are small stains down the front plain skirt panel very likely from the water of the bouquet and one tiny "L" tear at the back might have caught her gown on a chair.

I can't absolutely confirm that this is Alice's wedding gown, but all my research leads to that fact! I guarantee it's from the AB Dick family trunk! Also Listed in the s and Wedding Categories. From the Estate of Actress Edie Adams!

I think Alaia might have been stealing a bit from Mainbocher. I sold a green Alaia jacket with similarilies in design between this s Mainbocher coat and the Alaia jacket, including the "v" cut just below the large collar lapels in the Alaia, echoing the "v" cuts in the Mainbocher.

I mean they are certainly different, but From the Modern Fashion Encyclopedia: In , when the Duchess of Windsor purchased her wedding gown and trousseau, it was designed by Mainbocher. From the start, Mainbocher specialized in simple, conservative, elegant, and extremely expensive fashions, the luxury of cut, materials, and workmanship that could only be recognized by those in the know. As the years progressed, Mainbocher continued to design exclusively on a made-to-order basis, refusing to license his name.

By the s and s, old guard Mainbocher customers enjoyed wearing impeccably made classic coats and suits of wool in the midst of nouveau-riche ostentation.

The typical ladylike daytime Mainbocher look was accessorized with a choker of several strands of real pearls, white gloves, and plain pumps with matching handbag.

The integrity of luxurious fabrics, intricate cut, quality workmanship and materials, elegance and classicism, were cherished and worn for years by Mainbocher's upper crust customers. And now you can be one! Condition is very good, however there is some slight fading and one button insert sad face here is missing.

Nicer looking at least I think so! Up to 50" bust, up to 52" waist, up to 60" hips. Along with Ivory Silk Embroidered Waistcoat! From large estate of early Museum Quality clothing comes this extraordinary French highly embroidered velvet frock coat with silk faille embroidered waistcoat under. I still have these pieces displayed on my mannequin as I can't bear to take them away!! Even better in person This would have been a court suit and worn with matching velvet breeches and a lace jabot at neck.

The most intricate polychrome silk embroidery of flowers and leaves and embroidered ivory ovals creating what is meant to look like lace at the edges. Coordinating ivory simple lace at cuffs. The ivory silk faille waistcoat is equally impressive and beautifully embroidered with bright silk in a complementary floral design.

I have seen embroidered frock coats and waistcoats for sale on the open market, but never have I seen any more extraordinary! Most are in the top international museums.

Both pieces in Excellent condition and all original. There are extreme minor issues The waistcoat is near mint. From large estate of early Museum Quality clothing Exquisite embroidered striped silk satin of champagne and coral with green and ivory embroidered flowers and buds all over. Wonderful detailing including self-covered decorative buttons on front bodice, banded slit in the pocket of the skirt to allow for accessing pocket of underskirt, slightly curved sleeves to follow the crook of the arms, original gathered string for the top of the bodice one side only still exists , fine muslin lining in bodice.

One of the most exciting features is that the interior rope cords and loops are still intact for gathering up the back gown! See the additional photos showing the gown gathered up at back and down as you see to the left. I photographed this gown over a simple white petticoat at front and panniers neither come with the gown. Clean underarms, like new! Strong silk fabric with only a bit of edge wear on front of skirt. Only one tiny hole found only by holding up to light half the size of eraser head.

Otherwise only minor small areas of discolorations lost in folds. Shown on a 30" bust, 23" waist mannequin. I was told by an expert more expert than I that this gown is from Spring, And even though he is the expert, he had determined that this gown had been tied with the bow in the front.

However, I believe it might have been tied as you see it in the low slung back. I could certainly be wrong And I have a line drawing from c. This is why I wish I had lived through the s. Fashion as just SOOO damn sexy! Hidden closures at the front are covered by the sash. The rhinestone clip at front is on a hinge so it opens to hold the separate extremely long matching satin sash at the mid-front.. Gathered material at the bodice sides, great shaping at the armholes, and material like liquid.

The tiny ones are easy, but there are half-moon shaped ones that will be harder to find. I have 4 of the 9 that are out, so 5 are missing. This gown is shown on my size 2 mannequin and it fits her great. Also listed in the s section. I'm showing these early shoes with buckles that aren't of the correct era, but somewhat of the right look just to give you an idea of what they would have looked like when worn.

The rest of the photos show the shoes as they are. The watered silk faille is all trimmed in a matching silk braid. Hard to describe the condition. For the age they are Excellent, with just extremely minor issues of wear - mostly at the edges. The photos will really describe the condition better than words. There are pinholes on the tabs where the buckles would have been attached over the years. Interior sole is brown leather in fabulous condition. Bottom leather sole is mostly sueded now having lost the top layer, but still in great condition.

An amazingly early pair of shoes not often found on the open market! I just found this dress hiding in the community theater costume department of a well-to-do Connecticut town. The same place I happened to find a Worth s coat!! I knew it was gorgeous, but looking inside and finding the Weeks, Paris label I nearly fell off my feet. Not only that, but the still attached original interior silver lame lace-trimmed slip is as bright as I have ever seen antique lame!!!

The vintage gods must have been kind in saving this Museum Quality dress in this condition!! There is very little information about the House of Weeks, however, the few pieces I have found mostly from the s currently reside in the famed Museum of Metropolitan Art MET in New York City see photos of those gowns, etc by clicking on the flapper dress!

The embroidery on her gown was similar to the embroidery on the gown worn by Queen Mary at that Coronation! This is all just to give you a clue as to just how special this label is!! As good as all those other more well-known designer labels of the era. The dress is covered with unique silver sparkle dusted sequins and silver beading in an organic design all over front and back.

The chiffon scarves start the trend which got longer and longer from the short flapper dresses to the long s gowns. The dress measures 42" around bust, waist and hips, 46" long from shoulder to hem. They will be seen close-up, but from a far as you can see from the photo to the left , barely seen. If you care, you can cover with silk flowers as she might have worn anyway.

But I'm hoping this dress ends up in a museum as it deserves that fate! SO nice for me when these magnificent pieces just come to me from long-time collectors!! So they are "new to the market" from years of storage. I must confess, I knew just by looking at this gown that it was special, but it wasn't until I researched "M. Connelly" that I found just how special! Sure, there is one M.

And not only that, but this was her dressmaker of choice per Feb. Hayes went shopping at M. Connelly in New York. There she ordered three new gowns for White House functions. More information from M. Connelly is that she moved her business to 5th Ave. And then you are getting the additional ensemble pieces for free!! And the condition is just about that good There are a few slight issues likely replaced waistband, but that's just about the only issue!

I could detail all the details, but I've written too much already, so the photos will tell you all you need to know. If you want a Victorian Wedding Gown, look no further! Even if it wasn't worn by Hollywood royalty I say that because it's now 3 generations of talented women from this family Melanie wore with matching color dress under, but you can wear with everything from that to skinny pants and white shirt, to mini skirt for that high-low look. The coat is meant to stay on This is the STAR, not whatever is under.

Even though it's trained for your entrance, there are two buttons inside that scrunch up the train to walk around with ease. From the prestigious boutique Les Habitudes, Beverly Hills This certainly MAY be one-of-a-kind Wired collar, wide cuffed sleeves, self-covered button front at waist, intricately gathered "corset" back. Top quality construction and Excellent condition. So hard to find information on Selincourt even though the company as been around since the mids!!

They began making coats, mantles and fur garments. A dress business was added later. The gowns were very high quality ready-to-wear, manufactured in limited editions. Eventually, Selincourt absorbed a number of other dress businesses, and as of , they had fifteen subsidiaries, including three couture houses. They are considered a powerhouse fashion firm. This gown is just killer fabulous. The entire tulip shaped skirt is hooped to stand out as you see it.

Shipping may be extra to accommodate it. Gathered bodice and gathered skirt with two silk matching flowers. Sadly the gown is a small waist size, and it's not perfect Also Listed in the s-Today Section. If you are one of my website groupies, you might have seen the few other "hair" cloches I have sold in the past.

Perhaps my favorite thing are elaborate flapper headpieces. People ask me what I like the best So, I search for these everywhere. Rarely do I find them. And even more rarely am I first in line to purchase them for you! I can only assume that these extremely rare high-style wig cloches were a mark of sophistication.

The cloche is woven into the shape of a classic 's hairdo - complete with the finger wavy hairs all over and the pinned up "longer" hair at the back and coiled at the sides in curls or others have braids.

This one has the addition of the original attached thin rhinestone headband!! Those rhinestones have darkened over the years, and I suppose they could be replaced if you are so inclined, but I sell as found for historic value. The floss is likely the "new" rage of artificial silk called "rayon".

There are only a few flossed strands that are out of place and stick out slightly. Net lining with writing I can't read.

Absolutely a museum quality piece! This will fit a 22" head, or as you see with her her hair showing under. God I love these!!! Actual photo of a s gal wearing a similar headpiece!!! Also listed in the s and Hats section. So then I went on a Google hunt This dress is indeed a Jeanne Lanvin c. There is also another one of these dresses in the museum collection of the Musée Galliera, City of Paris though I think my gown is better as there seems to have possibly been some tampering with their dress' waistline!!

This dress is highlighted in the listing of this exhibit at: I just added a sample bow. There is also a repair needed at one shoulder and at one section of the hemline see photos. Otherwise, other than barely worth a mention pinholes seen from the inside, and somc clouding of the rhinestones, it's in remarkable condition! Especially for this paper-thin silk taffeta! I keep hoping if I keep turning this dress inside out, the label will miraculously appear, but it's really unnecessary.

I'd stake my career on the fact that this is, indeed, a Jeanne Lanvin! If you click on the photo of this dress, you will see at the bottom of the next page 9 similar dresses designed by Jeanne Lanvin from the mids.

Many are surprisingly similar with the lace or sheer wide hemline and the scalloped design just above, dropped waistline and pannier shape skirt yes, perhaps I stuffed the panniers WAY too much for my photos, but I wanted you to see the extreme shape of this skirt!! The front is decorated with silk flowers original to the dress as well as a pink bow sash at the back.

The front "v" is VERY low and slightly off-centered, so may have had a modesty panel as you see in two of the other examples. There are no labels in this dress, sadly, but it's certainly a s piece, and it just seems quite likely that this is, indeed, a Jeanne Lanvin.

I feel like I've seen this design before in some book or fashion print, but cannot find it. I'm hoping someone out there can indeed confirm this to be a Lanvin Excellent condition with just a few minor issues Goes on over the head.

May have had snap closure at side seam originally that was sewn up. I keep hoping if I keep turning this dress inside out, the label will miraculously appear! But it came to me from the same estate as the other unlabeled Jeanne Lanvin dress above, and that one matches a design from the Jeanne Lanvin archives so The Paramount movie was released in , starring Barbra Streisand with costumes designed by the legendary Cecil Beaton.

Deep red silk velvet full length empire style gown with train, having attached nude silk under dress, featuring seven oval shaped cutouts revealing underdress, edged with gold bugle beading and decorative gold metallic thread flowers.

The gown is accompanied by a matching long velvet shawl, ends featuring large, full double tassels. Snap hook and eye closures.

Built in bra label reads "Saks Fifth Avenue". The photos of Barbra wearing this gown were taken by Cecil Beaton! A postcard of the photo accompanies this gown, as well as the COA. Very Good Condition with occasional loose threading, a few tiny holes at lower front. Cape is Excellent condition. Oh, and Barbra Streisand's Superman T-shirt yes folks Also Listed in the Memorabilia Category. I've been selling on this website for 14 years now, and I've only found 3 other s "hair" cloches.

Two metallics one gold, one silver and one PINK! These are quite rare as that means I only find one every 3. This is the first one I found in a hair color and sort of hair texture Designed as the others with tight curls at back and a "hair part" at the top.

These are usually quite large sized Because I believe they were for those gals with long Edwardian hair who weren't ready, or brave enough, to cut off their long locks to have the "new" short flapper bob cut. So, they used these instead This one looks like it was relined at some point in time, as the white gauzy material inside isn't original The rhinestone ornament has a few rhinestones missing that can easily be replaced if you care.

I'll look to see if I have any replacement stones that fit. I can't be sure I will, so For all your gals and I know there are many who collect fantastic flapper headpieces Excellent condition other than the rhinestones missing and interior replacement.

Also Listed in the Hats, etc. I would say about pres These wigs are made of human hair but coated with a heavy wax substance to keep it's shape. There is some Japanese writing on the handle of the box see photos. First off, this came from a collection that included an exquisite Emile Pingat outfit that was also labeled "A.

Seems that in Pingat grew tired and relinquished his business to the well-established dressmaking firm, A. This fabulous capelet certainly could have been worn by royalty! Deep ruby velvet adorned with elaborate design of sequins and jet beads surrounded in a heavy ecru lace and topped off with large black silk bows. Lined in an iridescent burgundy silk with scalloped edges. A few minor marks in the velvet, but basically Near Mint condition. This is one for the museum collection!

Check out the photo of the signed Pingat cape from the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art under all the rest of the photos of this capelet I think you'll agree Walles is even nicer! Streisand presented the Oscar award for Best Song. American singer and actor Sammy Davis Jr. It's a black velvet horizontal stripes on netting with rhinestones of various sizes scattered all over.

You can see that all the rhinestones are placed exactly where they are in the photos of Barbra's dress There is also an attached numbered tag The dress is sheer, and has a nude lining attached underneath. The gown is quite structured, and as you can see Excellent condition with just a pulling of the dress away from the zipper at the back waist Inside you can see a light "B. Streis" hand-written on the upper back lining. Lined in Silver Lame! This piece weighs an amazing yes, I can use that word for this!

You gotta look at all the photos click on photo at left. The massive collar is held up with a metal rod up the back! You think it's easy being a showgirl???? I contacted Nolan Miller's company to discuss this piece.

There was only one made, and the design was based on an Erte painting so they nicknamed it "the Erte". Just the kind of dress you would expect to be worn by the Hollywood elite Grace Kelly or a very young Audrey Hepburn. As simple as you can find, and as beautiful as you can find!

Sleeveless white cotton bengaline dress with deep "V" neck front. Front center seam ending in a large bow midway down skirt. Deep inverted black pleat. Lovely back shoulder straps. Near Mint condition for a white dress it's incredible! It was shortened, but wasn't cut so there is up to 4" hem and can be let back down as there are no marks for the proper "ballerina" skirt length of There is the smallest light spot of the skirt front, but again, for a white dress, you won't find better condition.

So I was so excited to see it again I sell so few McCardell's because there are so few fantastic ones still available so I suppose we start with a quick Claire McCardell bio. Only a few years out of school, Claire went to work at Townley with designer Richard Turk who died soon after which basically left her with the head designer position!

There's a quick way up the ladder! Anyway, she stayed for a few years, went to Hattie Carnegie for two years and then back to Townley in to design under her own label. McCardell is credited with developing the blueprint for American sportswear Her innovations were the "popover" wraparound dress, soft empire dresses, bloomer-like playsuits, dirndl skirts, tube tops eek!

She is considered to have been one of America's most influential designers. You have to remember how highly structured the clothing was at the time to know how innovative this dress was for the time.

Very soft, comfortable knitted "sweater" jersey designed into a wonderfully shaped dress. Her signature brass round hook and-eye closures at the front. Sort of reds and greens and blacks look at the close-up photos for true fabric colors.

Sold at Halle Bros. Just what you want from Gilbert Adrian! Unique design, eye-catching, dramatic, and with tassels! This suit came from a collection of Adrian, Lilli Ann and Irene pieces, but sadly many of the Lilli Ann suits were attacked by a few moths.

However, the moths must have read the label on this suit which reads: This moth proofing lasted a heck of a lot longer than 5 years!!! Fantastic condition with just a bit of discoloration of the lining! What else can I say except I love it.

Heavy metal zipper at skirt side. Skirt is unlined as it was originally. If you don't know Gilbert Adrian, just Google search him and you will get the lowdown. So you can just imagine the original price of this beaded gown! Fitted, fully beaded gown with extremely flattering low "v" neckline both front and back.

Fabulous rows of beaded fringe and crystal drops on the skirt, at hemline, at bodice and armholes Extremely rare fully jet black beaded Edwardian gown over green silk with gold lame lace trim! Well, now you have! The gown isn't perfect, but still in remarkable condition as most of these colored silk linings from this era are in tatters.

There is just a bit of discoloration of the green silk seen when lifting up the black beaded overdress , and there is a bit of messiness at mid upper back ecru lace, and some tearing of the lace under one sleeve at back see photos.

Although this is in a wearable size, I would hope that this gown is purchased to be displayed rather than destroyed. Just too rarely beautiful! I can't tell you what to do once you buy it, but just my hope. Doesn't come with a belt, but probably was worn with something like you see I added in the photos. Might have been black velvet or black satin. Nearly impossible these days to find extraordinary 's gowns outside of museums.

I just happen to have a couple that I was lucky enough to get years ago Though it ain't easy. This one has 4 different looks!! The ballgown short sleeved bodice comes with the original detachable pagoda sleeves, and then the additional original matching pelerine worn over the bodice with the short or long sleeves. The short and long sleeves and pelerine are all edged in silk floss fringe, and embellished with an incredible brown and graige brocade.

This brocade is then used in wide double panels on both sides of the skirt as faux sashes!!! Has all the other details you want This gown is is very strong condition. The only issues are underarm stains see photos and sadly a section on the front of the skirt that is water stained quite possibly used as a wedding gown and the flower bouquet leaked It just has to be forgiven to have such a killer all original gown.

I didn't tie up the corset back on this piece because the less I worked with the corset ties, the better, so I thought it was more important to baby this beauty. Once she is yours, you will be happy I was so thoughtful! I nearly fell off my chair when photos of this gown were send to me!!!

It was SO spectacular that I was afraid that when it arrived in the mail that it wasn't going to be an actual s gown As fantastic as any gown you would have seen on the silver screen movie stars of the era. Ragan and Miss Emily Guelton in , and headquartered in a mansion that still stands currently a bridal shop. In the 20's and 30's "Customers were required to make appointments in advance and when they arrived sent their cards via a parlor maid.

They were shown to rosewood sofas and chairs in the beautifully appointed rooms with the elaborate cornices, tall pier glasses, mantelpieces and glittering crystal chandeliers.

I even found Mrs. Probably returning from France with her imported gowns!! Both women passed away in the late 's, early 's and the shop continued under other proprietors in the same tradition, with the same painstaking attention to detail.

I doubt this was originally a wedding gown, but it it certainly could be, so it's included in this wedding section for those of you who have been WAITING for the gown that was going to WOW!! Can't get much more WOW than this!!!! There are minor spots mostly at the hemline, and a few minor ones here and there, but in the evening light you should be wearing this gown, they will hardly be an issue.

Measures up to a 29" waist tight, but can squeeze into that though the inner waistband is 26" you don't need to use that , up to 37" hips. Bust is hard to measure as the back is open Yes, the price is high Also Listed in the Wedding and s-Today Categories. Gustav Beer opened his Parisian Couture House in after years of designing in his native Germany , so this is one of his first gowns from Paris!

I'm speechless and that doesn't happen often! I can't believe this gown just came to me out of the blue As fabulous as any of the gowns you'd see in the museum photo books see the gown photo from the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute! I like this one lot better!! The kind of piece I never thought I would ever find Even the condition is fantastic! Sure, the inner chiffon lining is going badly from the inner puff sleeves, and there is just a bit of pulling of the material off the waistband from the weight , but other than those minor issues, it's nearly mint!

Love the gold sequins in the standard round shape, but also in a open pointed oval shape on ecru lace appliqued with black chenille. Please don't wear this, as it really is an important enough piece that it should be babied. But for mannequin purposes, it Measures: I've taken loads of photos so you can see all the details But alas, she didn't, so if you have the body, you can walk down the aisle like the Princess you are.

Ivory crushed velvet gown with beaded wide sleeves and upper bodice, and then the beading follows through to the long train!! The long velvet ropes at the neckline with wax blossoms "tassels" complete the look. This gown was so much nicer on the body than then mannequin, so As it's a bias cut, it will fit a variety of bodies, but it is small, so best for size The model is Email me your measurements no cheating to make sure it will fit you, as this is going to be a final sale item due to the uniqueness.

Although there is no label in this gown, it was found in a box with a little silk pillow ruined now that read: Valentin Elgoibar, Bilbao, Spain.

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